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Bar Top Arcade Packages

Build your very own 60, 19 or any xxx in 1 Bartop Arcade for a fraction of the cost of a ready built cabinet you see elsewhere. We have full packages available with everything you need to complete you build. And remember all our Arcade Cabinets are precision CNC cut.




Any Bar Top Arcade Cabinet of your choice

T Molding

Any Side Art and Marquee set of your choice

LED Marquee Lighting

Any xxx in 1 JAMMA PCB

JAMMA Harness

12v Power Supply Unit

*Joystick(s) (Choice of Colours) Number of Joysticks Appropriate to XXX in 1 JAMMA PCB Chosen

*Chrome Iluuminated Player Buttons (Choice of Colours) Number of Buttons Appropriate to XXX in 1 JAMMA PCB Chosen

Chrome Illuminated 1 & 2 Start Buttons (Choice of Colours)

Chrome Illuminated Credit Button (Choice of Colours)

Wiring Loom & Crimps to Illuminate Buttons

LCD Monitor (Size depends on cabinet size chosen)

VESA Monitor Mount

Laser Cut Perspex set for Marquee and Monitor

Marquee and Bezel retainers to hold perspex bezel and marquee in place

Speaker Amplifer

Speaker Set

Twin Kettle Lead (UK PLUG / Worldwide Plug Adaptors available on request for a small extra charge)





*Appropriate to xxx in 1 JAMMA PCB Chosen means, some xxx game boards may be 2 player but players take alternate turns to play for example Pacman so only 1 joystick is provided. Where as some xxx in 1 game boards may have 2 player simultaneous games like Streetfigher so 2 joysticks are provided and 6 buttons per player.