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Bartop Assembly

Below is information on how to assemble our Bartop Arcade Cabinets. Pictures are of our classic Retrocade design but you can follow the diagrams to assemeble any kit design we sell.

Before you start lay out all your pieces. You should have 8 all together.


2 x Sides




Control Panel

Speaker Panel




photo 2 (1)

1) Lay down the bottom and clamp the 2 sides down like so, making sure everything is flush at the back.




This is to ensure you get a nice tight assembly, clamping the front is also recommended but the clamp got in the way when taking the picture so I removed for a better demonstration.




2) Lay your fixing blocks x 4 in each corner and screw down.




If you see a slight gap, unscrew and then screw again and it should close the gap. Also make sure your clamp is still tight.




Once done this is enough strength but for added strength you can run some wood glue like No More Nails in between the Fixing Blocks.



3) Now on the left picture, get the Top and attach 4 fixing blocks, 1 to each corner and screw Fixing Blocks down.




3A) On the right picture, clamp the top and position the top before screwing down.




It should be flush at the back and a few MM gap at the front. There should be an even gap on each side looking from above approx 1.5cm.


3 4

4) Now on the left picture, get the Speaker Panel and attach 4 fixing blocks, 1 to each corner and screw.


4A) On the right picture, clamp the Speaker Panel and position the Speaker Panel before screwing down.



Depending what size monitor you will be using, a large 19" monitor in the horizontal position or a 15" monitor in the vertical position (Mainly for 60 in 1 Jamma PCB's). Here is where you can create that extra CM you may need by raising the Speaker Panel and having a slightly smaller marquee for instance.




5) Get the Front Panel and again attach 2 fixing blocks to the back and screw down (Clamp for a tighter finish).




7 8 9

7) Again making sure the front of the Control Panel is flush with the front, hold, screw or weigh down the Control Panel.




7A) Now get anything long and straight like a ruler, position behind the Speaker Panel and behind the Control Panel and this will give you your monitor angle.




6) Making sure your Control Panel is straight and flush at the front (please see left picture). Position it and draw a line from underneath.




6A) Now attach a strut for the Control Panel to sit on, you can screw and glue this if wanted but 2 screws on each side do the job.




Make sure you position the top of your strut level with the line you drew earlier.