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Welcome to Pimp My Arcade

Your one stop shop to PIMP-YOUR-ARCADE.  


Building your own Arcade Machine is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Most people are put off by simply not having the space, knowledge or expensive tools needed, sometimes for the smallest job.


Here at Pimp My Arcade we take care of all that for you with Professionally CNC precision cut DIY Flat Packed Bartop Arcade Cabinets. Our Flat Pack Arcades are very easy to assemble using either fixing blocks or dowelling assembly like you find with Argos or Ikea furniture.


We offer everything from CNC precision cut DIY flat packed Bartop Arcade Cabinets, Cocktail Cabinets and Pinball Cabinets, PLUS exclusive to Pimp My Arcade Side Art sets including Marquees, Bezels, Front Panel art, Control Panel Overlays and much much more. We also offer generic RETRO Side Art and Marquees like you used to see on Arcade Machines from the 80's and 90's, and Noughties, and we can also print your own Art Designs if wanted.


We also off complete DIY Arcade Packages to build your own 60 in 1, 19 in 1 and many more to be available shorlty.


If you have ever played classic games like Pac-Man, Streetfighter, Metal Slug or any other classic game on a real arcade machine, then you will remember how great these games were, you would also remember how large these machines could be. They also only had 1 game installed, but the look and feel was enough to tempt us all to play on them, and pay handsomely with our hard earned pocket money. What if you could have dozens if not thousands of great games in one compact arcade machine, with original games and controls?


Here at Pimp My Arcade we specialise in these exact Tiny & Compact small arcade machines.  Our machines are compact and light enough to sit on a small table or worktop, without losing the original feel of the game play or controls. We also sell an Arcade Pedestal if you would like more height for your gaming.


Not only are these great little Arcade Cabinets easy to put in any corner or on any worktop, you also only need a screwdriver (Fixing Block Assembly) or a little glue to assemble (Dowell Assembly). Nothing to cut and nothing to think about as we have done all that for you.


We sell everything you need to recreate these Arcades from Flat Packed DIY Bartop Arcade cabinets to all the Arcade Parts needed to finish your machine off. If you are not sure of everything you may need to build your own Arcade Machine be sure to check out are full DIY Arcade Packages.


Also unlike others we offer you different types of assembly to suit every budget and woodwork skill level, FREE customisations and multiple great designs.





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Choosing Your Arcade Cabinet


We have 3 types of cabinet assembly methods to suit all budgets and woodwork skill levels available.


Just Cut


Means Just Cut panels with all Panels, Button, Speaker and Air Flow holes precision CNC cut for you.


Fixing Block Templated


As above but the side gable panels have 2mm pilot holes showing where Fixing Blocks should be placed.


Dowelled Cabinets


You get the same CNC precision cut cabinet but we dowell the cabinet for you just like you would get if you purchase furniture from Argos or Ikea. This is by far the most easy and professional Arcade Cabinet you can purchase online.






Galaga DIY Cocktail Table (COMING SOON)


PinMame Pinball Table (COMING SOON)


Any xxx in 1 DIY Packages



41 Side Art and Marquee set Designs available on all Bar Top Arcade Cabinets 

(Available Now)